DIEM Duroil Sdn Bhd

Can you share the background of the business?
In 1999, I owned a company that was engaged in website development activities. In addition to that, we also provide marketing services to customers online.

In early 2003, an acquaintance asked me why do I market other companies’ products online instead of doing it to sell my own products? I took it as a challenge and DIEM Duroil Sdn Bhd (DIEM Duroil) was incorporated in the same year.

DIEM Duroil's main focus is in the development, manufacturing and marketing of herbal and traditional products for natural beauty, perfumery, health and personal hygiene. We are grateful that some of our products have won innovation awards in Malaysia and abroad. Today, we have about 35 products and nine of our products are Halal certified.

What are the main challenges in this business?
The main challenge in this business is the lack of capital. Having a vague mission and vision had also an impact on the direction of the business which is why we have prepared a business Mission Statement which includes the interests of the customer and source out ways on how we can help our customers, allowing each individual in DIEM Duroil to achieve this mission.

How do you promote your product?
Organization such as the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) had significantly facilitated our efforts to introduce our products to the global market.

We participated in trade events organized by MATRADE and at the same time promoting our products through our website, e-commerce platform, Facebook and so on.

  DIEM Duroil Products    

How does DIEM Duroil ensure existing customers remain loyal?
DIEM Duroil take our customers’ satisfaction level seriously from the moment they enquire about our products, purchase, acceptance, use of product and after-sales service. Furthermore, we also add value to customers by ensuring that customers are not deceived when purchasing our products via online platform.

Currently, DIEM Duroil Products are sold all over the world. We have exported our products to penetrate the markets in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal. We have a clear strategic plan to grow our business.

What is your advice to new entrepreneurs?
Have a good plan by using the Business Model Canvas (BMC). Secondly, focus on business opportunities that can provide results for the company. Thirdly, when the market is uncertain, look for the best opportunity to move forward by having a clear strategy.