PENJANA Tourism Financing Facility (PTF)

  • Scheme Limit:
    RM1 billion
  • Tenure of Financing:
    Financing for up to 7 years, with at least 6 months moratorium on monthly instalments
  • Availability/ Application Period:
    Opened from 1 August 2020 until full utilisation of the scheme limit of up to Ringgit Malaysia One Billion (RM1 billion) only
  • Purpose of Financing:
    • Working Capital
    • Capital Expenditure

    This guarantee scheme cannot be used to refinance existing facility granted by the same or other participating financial institutions
  • Eligibility:
    • SMEs, whether Sdn Bhd, sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability partnership in the core tourism and tourism-related sectors which are either:
      1. SMEs as defined by SME Corp Malaysia at point of application; OR
      2. Licensed by/ registered with MOTAC.

      with at least 51% shares held and ultimately controlled by Malaysian citizens.
      (Reference to the guidelines for the definition of SMEs issued by SME Corp Malaysia and certified by the National SME Development Council)

    The eligible sectors are as follows:
    • Core tourism:
      1. Tourism accommodation premises (e.g. budget hotels, registered homestays, chalet and resorts);
      2. Travel agencies & tour operators; and
      3. Transportation for tourists (e.g. bus, boat and car rental operators).
    • Tourism-related sectors:
      1. Medical tourism
      2. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibitions) ecosystem
      3. Money service businesses – applicable to money changing operators who mainly serve inbound and outbound tourists
      4. Tourism-related retail, recreation and wellness that can justify significant reliance on tourists

    Special Relief Facility’s (SRF) and PENJANA SME Financing’s (PSF) recipients are not eligible for the PTF.
  • Type of Facility:
    Term Loan/ Term Financing-i, and Overdraft/ Cash Line-i
  • Financing Limit:
    For SME: Up to RM500,000 only
    For Micro Enterprise: Up to RM75,000 only 

    This is subject to the aggregate group limit not exceeding RM10 million for all SJPP guarantee schemes, including this financing. Group is defined as companies under the same group by way of shareholding (holding 50% or more), directors (providing guarantees) and related guarantors.
    Note: The above is applicable for associated companies for SMEs with common shareholder(s) i.e. with > 20% shareholding.
  • Guarantee Coverage:
    • For SMEs - Up to 80%
    • For Micro Enterprises - Up to 90%
    Guarantee of the financing obtained from the participating financial institutions (including principal and interest/ profit) by the Government of Malaysia
  • Guarantee Fee:
    0.5% per annum payable upfront
  • Source of Funds/ Financing Facility:
    From the participating financial institutions or Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Interest/ Profit Rate:
    Up to 3.5% per annum (inclusive of SJPP's guarantee fee)