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MBSB Bank buka cawangan ke-47 di Kota Bharu

KOTA BHARU, 9 Mac (Bernama) -- MBSB Bank Berhad (MBSB Bank) secara rasmi melancarkan cawangannya yang ke-47 bertempat di Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra di sini hari ini.

MBSB Bank mudahkan urusan perbankan pelanggan menerusi pembukaan cawangan baharu di Kota Bharu

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Mac - MBSB Bank Berhad (MBSB Bank) sentiasa berusaha untuk menyantuni para pelanggannya dengan pembukaan secara rasmi cawangan baharunya yang terletak di Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

MBSB Bank buka cawangan di Kota Bharu

KOTA BHARU: MBSB Bank Bhd hari ini secara rasmi membuka cawangan di sini yang terletak di Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra.

Belanjawan 2023: Praises and brickbats for retabled Budget 2023

The retabled Budget 2023 takes a very structured approach to addressing the challenges the nation is expected to face in view of continuing global economic uncertainty. In his budget speech, the finance minister proposed measures to address these challenges.

More upskilling needed for talent growth

GEORGE TOWN: Budget 2023 should have more coverage in design and development areas, says the Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association.

Its president Datuk Seri Wong Siew Hai said encouraging local talents in design and development would see more local companies grow.

Challenging but positive budget for MSMEs

AFTER a brief respite following the initial Covid-19 recovery last year, businesses are now getting edgy and bracing for continued volatility from high commodity prices, supply chain disruptions and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.